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Personal Defense & Carry

The PD&C event is held the 1st Saturday of each even numbered months,
(Feb, April, June, Aug., Oct., Dec.) on pistol bays #2 and #3.
Please check the clubs calendar for updates and to confirm event schedules.

The Objectives of this event is to practice the following,
1. Best personal defense tactics, best use of cover and tactical
2. Pro-active weapon reloading with magazine retention and
emergency reloading behind cover.
3. Target identification and threat prioritization.
4. Clearing of cover garment(s) to access weapon and
With all objectives the emphasis will be on accuracy and target neutralization.

Stage set-up starts at 7am (during summer hours) and 8am (during winter hours). The event usually lasts approximately 5 hours including set-up, registration, safety briefing, staging descriptions, 5-6 stage runs and finishing with stage tear-down and clean-up.
Your help with stage set-up, scoring , taping targets and tear-down will be appreciated.

The intended equipment list for this event is as follows:
1. A carry style semi-auto pistol or revolver with iron or tritium sights or an
2. A holster of inside or outside belt design and worn/drawn such that the
muzzle does not break the 180.
3. Magazine or speed loader/moon clips for your preferred caliber of carry
ammo. Cover garment (shirt, sweater or jacket).

Round count per stage will vary from 12 to 18 shots on paper targets.
Cartridge round count not to exceed 10 rounds per magazine, speed loader or moon clip.
Scores are a calculation of accuracy and time from engaging targets around barricades.
There are typically multiple shooting points and movements during each stage run.
There is an event fee of $5.00 for club members and $20.00 for non-members.

Contact Match Director / Bob McClellan at 760-694-5984
Check schedule on the WEB or the range office

Come, learn about personal defense and enjoy the event.

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