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Last updated : January 6, 2022 MT

This is the official bulletin board of the Mohave Sportsman Club. This is where you’ll find the latest news regarding the club, upcoming events, important announcements, new raffles and winners of raffles plus other current news. Items on the board will not stay published permanently, they will change periodically so the board can stay current. Items will move down the board as new items are added near the top.

Congratulations to John DiNapoli, raffle winner of a Springfield 1911 Ronin

We send out postcards when your membership is close to expiring.  For renewal, mail it in with a check or please BRING IT WITH YOU on your next visit to the range.
(Makes renewing almost painless) 🙂


The Fourth Tuesday of the month on Bay 3

Setup & signup starts at 8:00am. Signup closes at 9:00am and safety briefing begins which you must attend to precipitate in the event.

This is a pistol shooting event using tombstone paper targets and steel targets.  This is not a “run & gun” event, you shoot from a single position.  Three stages of fire; you shoot 3-4 times for each stage for time and score.  The stages are easy to understand and will be the same each month.  You can see how you improve each month.  The event is more about shooting skill than equipment.  You can also practice shooting at MSC for this event.

 What you need to participate in the event: Ear and eye protection, a centerfire semi auto-pistol in 9mm-45 caliber with iron sights fiber front okay (with no optics sights or ported/comp barrels), Pistol bag/case, the case/box it came in or outside the waist band hip holster, 4 minimum, 5 best, 10 round magazines (if you don’t have 5 mags we can work around it till you have them) you will only be loading 10 rounds per mag at a time, so hi cap mags are fine, but not necessary, a minimum of 100 rounds (best to bring 50 extra rounds) of target ammunition, no hollow points.  A willingness to help is a must for one person cannot do everything i.e.: setting 13 targets, resetting targets, taping targets, scoring and being an RO.

Fees: $5.00 members, $20.00 non-members

Match Information and upcoming event information is available via e-mail if you sign up for it with the match director.

Match Scores via Practisore.com – click on scores, then go to search scores box, then enter MSC then look for Tombstone.

Check MSC Web page: Events, Handgun Events, Tombstone Pistol.

Check Schedule on the WEB Calendar or the range office (928) 753-8038

The Club is currently on WINTER Hours
WINTER: From October 1st through March 31st
OPEN from 8am – 5pm Daily

SUMMER: From April 1st through Sept. 30th
OPEN from 7am – 7pm Daily

361 Days a year. (CLOSED New Years Day, Easter, Thanksgiving & Christmas)

Just announced
the Mohave Sportsman Club
has been voted “BEST OF
Fitness and Recreational Sports Centers”
by the Kingman Award Program.

Congratulations to the Mohave Sportsman Club

New PD&C class
The Mohave Sportsman Club is happy to announce the return

of a defense orientated shooting event called
This class stands to be a very exciting and
educational experience, complementing the other

action shooting events, the 2-Gun, 3-Gun and Action Pistol Plus.
Click HERE to see the details.

This is the new notification wall on the side of the range office. Its where you can find information on the events and matches here at the club.

Special Notice:
The Mohave Sportsman Club is a member of the Arizona Sportsman for Wildlife Conservation.  AZSWC is an umbrella organization with members from many clubs and groups around the state.  Their mission is to “educate and inform sportsmen, wildlife conservation organizations throughout the state and the public at large on important issues related to wildlife and wildlife habitat, and to provide, via grants or other sources, funding to conserve Arizona’s wildlife populations through habitat enhancement initiatives.” AZSWC has provided the Club with grant money for Fishing for Smiles the last two years.
Please visit their web site for further information at:

Military Rifle Shoot
A group of shooters has decided to begin this shoot.  It will be held on the first  Sunday of each month.  Participants can use any military rifle except for AR 15 and those with scopes.  Course of fire includes 5 sighters, 10 rounds standing, and 20 rounds prone.  Targets are set at 100 yards.
Contact the Range Office for more information.

1000 Yard Shoot
For more information please
contact Jim Merrit (928) 692-1318
or the MSC Range Office

MSCTP Top Guns Youth Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP) & Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP)
Runs September through May. Summer Programs also available.
Shotgun & Pistol
For more information contact:
Tony Rowden at rowdentony@gmail.com

The Mohave Sportsman Club has a 10 station sporting clay course.  Sporting clays can be accessed anytime the range is open with the use of a shooting card.
See Clay Target Center Range Officer on Wednesdays and Sunday Morning for more information or to purchase your card.
Dave can be reached via his email : handi49@gmail.com

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