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Cowboy Action Shooting

The Mohave Marshalls, the local SASS group, encourages people interested about COWBOY ACTION SHOOTING to come watch and maybe try their hand at shooting. Local cowboy shooters are always willing to let guests try out various firearms to see what it’s like and enjoy a morning with us. There is no charge for being a visitor.

Place: Cowboy range
Date: Third Sunday of every month
Time: 8:30 am year round
Fees: Members of MSC $5 event fee, non-members; $5 event fee, plus daily range use fee.

Requirements to shoot: Period correct (pre-1900) firearms only. Two single action revolvers, lever action rifle in pistol cal., Shotgun, Western clothing (hat, boots). 150 rounds of ammo for pistol and rifle, 1 ½ box of shells for the shotgun, light target loads. All ammo must be lead, no jacked bullets allowed. A sport for the whole family. There are special categories to make it easy for women and children to participate. Contestants shoot courses of fire in which they engage steel targets in a specifically designed scenario and shooting sequence. Each stage is scored on the time to complete and accuracy.

Contact the range office: 928-753-8038 for additional information.
There are numerous rules and guidelines associated with COWBOY ACTION SHOOTING, please consult the SASS web page at for complete information.


 Bluejack Ace 329.35    

Chekahsah Joe 334.93

Rooster 346.77

100 Proof 391.87

Buck Bowstring 453.25

Just Plain Jim 466.17

Yonko 470.96

 Old Gizzy 471.25  

Loco John 589.43

Slow Motion Shorty 749.71

Mike Kitchen 758.60

Watch your calendar for the third Sunday in March.

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