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The Seven Mile Shooting Range, founded in 1936 is owned by the AZ Game and Fish and has been operated by the MSC. During this time the club has supported shooting and marksmanship as a family sport. The club has grown, over the years, to include several shooting ranges. Offering the members and those wishing to use the range for just a day, a wide variety of options in firearm practice. We have specific areas for long range shooting, areas for pistol shooting, trap and skeet shooting, and archery. We are proud of our programs for young shooters. We have had Olympic Team shooters who came from our youth sporting clays program, and champion archers. We proudly support the 4-H youth shooting program and work with Game and Fish to provide local Hunter’s Education programs and sponsor the annual Fishing for Smiles event. We support eleven different groups that offer a wide range of sport shooting. We have always encouraged men, women and families to utilize our facilities to practice their skills in a safe and controlled environment. We offer our members and the public many options as a place to develop skills in marksmanship, self defense or just enjoy themselves and meet like-minded people.

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