As-Issued Rifle Shoot – Mohave Sportsman Club

As-Issued Rifle Shoot

Matches are held on the first Sunday of each month.

Match Director     Adam Costa

Match on 1-6-2020

NameRifleSlow Fire ProneTimed Fire ProneSlow Fire StandingTotal
Adam Costa1903A396/390/073/0259/3
Denny WileyMIA85/085/084/1254/1
Chris StanleyK3181/178/074/0233/1
George YurishM1 Carb.82/086/051/0219/0
William Scott 1903A3 86/066/148/0200/1
Vern KannianenSwed Mau.77/048/057/0182/0
Jose ChavezMauser38/069/025/0132/0

Here are a few pictures from a match.

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