500 Meter Steel – Mohave Sportsman Club

500 Meter Steel

Silhouette Range (Between Bay #1 and the 1,000 yard Range)

Centerfire Rifle Silhouette match, 20 rounds, Benchrest,
5 minute time limit at each animal (1 minute per shot)
5 rounds at Rams (500m)
5 rounds at Turkeys (385m)
5 rounds at Javelinas (300m)
5 rounds at Chickens (200m)
(Tie breaker will be the half-sized Rams @ the 500 meter line)

How Much?:
Cost = $10
($5 entry fee, $5 prize pool)
(nonmember fees apply)
Prize money awarded with 3 or more participants!

What to bring?:
A zero’d rifle, ammo, ear & eye protection, any shooting supplies you might need, sunscreen (no shade… yet), water, and most importantly… a good sense of humor!

You can use any centerfire rifle up to a .30 caliber (no magnums), but remember, You have to knock down the animal for the hit to count and the Ram weighs around 50 pounds!

Date 4/27/19

ShooterScoreRemarksMatch Rank
Jim M.18Bench3
Lee D.16Bench4
Brett J.16Bench4
Larry S.16Bench4
Roy E.10Bench6
Matt Mc.11Bench5
Stan S.20Bench1
Bob M.11Bench5
Matt M.19Bench2

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