2-Gun Rimfire – Mohave Sportsman Club

2-Gun Rimfire

Fourth Sunday of the Month

This is a Defensive Two Gun Rimfire match using both a Handgun and Rifle. This match is a great way to get involved in competition style shooting matches with a minimal cost. 2 Gun Rimfire is conducted under Mohave Sportsman Club rules.

The Match will be held the Fourth Sunday of each Month.

Setup starts at 8 am Summer Hours, and 9 am Winter Hours.

There are 1 to 3 stages set up with a mixture of paper and steel
targets that rewards speed & accuracy. Scoring is based on a
combination of time, knocking down or hitting steel and score on paper. All paper targets are normally shot twice but may vary while all steel targets must be knocked down and static steel hit. Minimum round count varies depending on the stages and how they are configured. You will be shooting from various positions and on the move. We recommend bringing a minimum of 200 – 250 rounds.

Minimum equipment: Ear protection, eye protection, Rimfire revolver or pistol with case, rifle, holster, belt, magazines or speed loaders (to carry minimum of 30 rounds for each firearm) and magazine pouch for your handgun and rifle (if you do not have a holster you may shoot from the low ready at your first match). Cross draw and shoulder holsters are not permitted. CCW holders cannot carry during the match.

All new shooters will have a briefing before shooting begins. Juniors must be 12 to 17 years old and accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. All juniors need to have had prior shooting experience and be able to follow a series of range commands while maintaining safe gun handling.

Fee: Members $5.00, Non-Members $15.00, Juniors: Free with paid parent.

Upcoming event information will be available via e-mail if you sign up for it with the Match Director.
Match Scores be viewed via PractiScore: https://practiscore.com/results/timeplus

We encourage new and young shooters to come out and give this match a try.
Contact Match Director: Dean Houseberg 760-954-3209 or deanginger2@aol.com
Check schedule on the WEB or the range office

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