Mohave Sportsman Club

Welcome to the Mohave Sportsman Club

Summer Hours Of Operation

From  April 1st. to October 1st
Sunday, Monday and Tuesday 7:00am to 7:00pm
Wednesday …………………………….. 7:00am to 8:00pm
Thursday, Friday and Saturday  7:00am to 7:00pm

Winter Hours Of Operation

From October 1st to April 1st
Sunday, Monday and Tuesday  8:00am to 5:00pm
Wednesday …………………………….. 8:00am to 8:00pm
Thursday, Friday and Saturday 8:00am to 5:00pm

Veterans Shoot free the first Monday of each month.

Active duty personnel shoot free everyday.


Currently, the Arizona State legislature is discussing possible legal action concerning “Wildlife Killing Contests.”

The Mohave Sportmans Club wishes to make it clear to our members and our community that we do not and have never participated in any “Wildlife Killing Contests.”

The MSC does coordinate with specific ranch owners and the AZ Game and Fish Dept. in a regulated, predator control program. This program serves the dual purpose of controlling the number of predators that threaten both the antelope and deer population and provides the Game and Fish Dept. with specimens for study, allowing them to determine if the predators are carrying any parasites or diseases that could become harmful to humans, human pets or other wildlife. more…

Attention Members and Non- Members

Effective JULY 1st, 2019

All single and couple/family membership rates have increased by $15.00.

The new non-member daily range use fee is $15.00

All life memberships will remain the same.

They’re HERE. Be Aware and Beware


At the July 11th meeting the WINNING Ticket was drawn #549033.

The winner picked the Citadel. If your number wasn’t drawn watch this page for up-comming news of our next raffle.


Please let the range office know if your mailing address has changed.

We send out post cards when your membership is close to expiring.  For renewal, mail it in with a check or please BRING IT WITH YOU on your next visit to the range.
( Makes renewing almost painless ) 🙂

New Steel on Bay 7

New steel  was installed on bay 7 and improvements made to bay 9.

Hand gun cartridges and Rimfire only. No 223, 5.56 or 7.62 x 39 pistol.

Thanks to the efforts of:
Marshall Gilliam, Dave Coburn, Charlie Griffith, Ron Hooper (not pictured), Justin Copeland and Mike Thompson.

We are a family oriented organization, welcoming all aspects of the shooting sports, especially youth, ladies and beginning shooters.

We are open to the public and welcome non-members to our facility

We support youth marksmanship programs, also hunter education (both resident and non-resident classes). We have a large variety of shooting sports scheduled each month (check out our Events Calendar).

There is a non-member range use fee.

We Accept Mastercard and Visa

Special Notice:
The Mohave Sportsman Club is a member of the Arizona Sportsman for Wildlife Conservation.  AZSWC is an umbrella organization with members from many clubs and groups around the state.  Their mission is to “educate and inform sportsmen, wildlife conservation organizations throughout the state and the public at large on important issues related to wildlife and wildlife habitat, and to provide, via grants or other sources, funding to conserve Arizona’s wildlife populations through habitat enhancement initiatives.” AZSWC has provided the Club with grant money for Fishing for Smiles the last two years.
Please visit their web site for further information at:

The Mohave Sportsman Club has a 10 station sporting clay course.  Sporting clays can be accessed anytime the range is open with the use of a shooting card.  Just see Clay Target match director Dave Vance to purchase your card.
Click HERE for pictures and contact information.

Military Rifle Shoot
A group of shooters has decided to begin this shoot.  It will be held on the first  Sunday of each month.  Participants can use any military rifle except for AR 15 and those with scopes.  Course of fire includes 5 sighters, 10 rounds standing, and 20 rounds prone.  Targets are set at 100 yards.
Contact the Range Office for more information.

1000 Yard Shoot
For more information please
contact Jim Merrit (928) 692-1318
or the MSC Range Office

Remember: We are an outdoor range and could be closed due to bad weather

Resident Range Officers

Richard Sprouse
Justin Copeland

Range Officers

George Yurish – Chief R/O
Mike Thompson
Terry Jordan

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