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Secretary's Notes

Mohave Sportsman’s Club (MSC) Meeting Minutes

September 10, 2015


President Ron Hooper

Vice President Shane Vernon

Treasurer Bill Schleeter

Secretary Kerry Schanaman

Government Liaison Jim Jett

Directors at Large John Fornadel


General Meeting                              

General meeting was called to order at 1805 hours and the following items were discussed: 

Dawn Cavender brought up concerns that there could be conflict with the two SCTP Clubs shooting the same day. It was stated that the first club could change their hours to accommodate all their shooters. It was also suggested to wait and see what conflicts might arise from both teams shooting and to make adjustments at that time.

Steve Bell brought up that some of the stands at the range need to be painted and Ron Hooper stated that the requests need to go through Dave Vance as he is in charge of the range.

Bell brought up that the batteries were getting old and needed to be replaced Bill Schleeter stated we could replace three at a time if needed. It was stated that batteries could be bought by Dave Vance or others that could purchase the batteries as long as the amount stayed under the $150.00

The General meeting ended at 1820 hours


Board meeting

The Board Meeting was called to order at 1821 hours the following items were discussed:

Shane Vernon read the minutes from the August meeting. Jim Jett motioned to accept the minutes as read and Shane Vernon 2nd the motion. The motion was carried.

Bill Schleeter read the financial report Shane Vernon motioned to accept the report as read and Jim Jett 2nd the motion.  The motion was carried.

Jim Jett gave his government liaison report. Jett stated it was hunting and fishing weekend. Jim stated coffers keep popping up and Game and Fish continue to battle the law suits. There continues to be a push to introduce the wolves back into Arizona.

 The range officer report was given for September and the current membership is 1,863 while the active membership total is 1,521. Usage of the range is up 60% for August. There have been 358 new members and renewed 333 members. T-shirts and hats have been ordered and volunteer hours for June was 322.5.

Shane stated the open house is scheduled for October 31st. He stated there are a couple of caterers lined up there are a lot of disciplines lined up that the guests will be able to shoot. Shane stated that Terry has organized a poker run. Arizona Game and Fish will have their desert reptile display available. There will be no entrance fee that day. There will be an MSC booth to sign up and to inform people of what MSC is about. The only fee will be if they shoot birds at the shotgun range. A map of the facility will be made up for people attending the open house.

Ron talked about range changes and proposed to drop the ten dollar fee to a five dollar fee. Shane made a motion to drop the ten dollar non- member fee at CTC and it was seconded by Bill Schleeter.  Motion was carried by the Board. Bill Schleeter made a motion to charge non-members five dollar fee for shooting and it was seconded by Shane Vernon and the motion was approved by the Board. Bill Schleeter made a motion to change the shooting fee to four dollars across the board Jim Jett seconded the motion and the motion was passed.

John Fornadel made a motion to change the cost of shooting a round of birds at the CTC to three dollars a round. There was no second so no vote was needed and the motion did not pass.

Ron stated he has found an archeology firm to do a quote so we can proceed with up-grades to the range.

Shane talked about issues at the 50 meter range and stated they asked for steps going up to the berm as well as hand rails and conditions of the benches and stated he would like to go with Merrit’s design as he can get steel quicker than concrete. Shane made a motion to spend not more than five hundred dollars on the repairs.  Bill Schleeter seconded and the motion was passed.

Ron stated the Eagle Scouts were pouring 5 6X8 concrete pads and the cost of the pads was three hundred dollars. Jim Jett motioned to give the three hundred dollars and John Fornadel seconded the motion. The motion was passed.

Ron stated fields 8, 9 and 10 needed fixing up and it was suggested that Wayne Davis Heating and Cooling might be able to help. Steve Bell gave Ron the name of Don Carley and a phone number to call 716-9968.

Ron stated the benches on Bay number ten are not wide enough and need to be fixed. Ron believes he can get this done soon.

Shane gave a quick update on the World Coyote Calling Contest he stated there are about 30 to 40 teams coming in. Sane stated Trigicon will be paying for the           complete banquet and the banquet will be held December 5th. Shane stated the hunt is the 3rd, 4th and 5th. Shane stated the banquet will be held at the old Central Commercial building. Shane stated the most important part will be the check in. Shane stated Home Depot will be supplying carts to help with the check in.

Rad stated he received changes to the by-laws and he will get the changes submitted to the board so the changes can make the November vote.

Ron stated the nominations will occur in October and we will mail out ballots and the election will be in November.

Ron stated Bill Schleeter made a motion to get four batteries at the amount not to exceed four hundred dollars. Jim Jett second the motion and the motion carried.

Ron stated there were three ATA shoots coming up and wanted SCTP kids to help with the shoots and monies would go to the SCTP organizations. Ron stated Roby Love from Tri State would also be coming up to help with the technological aspects of the shoot. Ron stated he and Dave had talked about having businesses contributing money and the ATA shot could be named after that business.

 Bill made a motion to adjourn and John seconded and the meeting was adjourned at 2008 hours.

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