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The President's Corner
By: Ron Hooper
February 11. 2016

President’s Message

This is the first of four newsletters that will be published during 2016.  The membership voted to change the bylaws so instead of six a year it will only be published four times.  Our intent is to have it published on or near the first day of January, April, July, and October.  Let me encourage you to browse the club’s web and facebook pages regularly for the most up to date information.

The November and December Board meetings had a great deal of controversy.  This was due to three separate investigations into club members after allegations of wrong doing by other members.  Also causing concern was the updating of the club’s bylaws. 

All of the disciplinary actions were settled at a hearing on January 13, 2016, and all those affected have been notified of the decisions.  The question regarding the bylaws revolved around changing them at the December meeting as had been done in the past.  The Board made the decision back in October, 2015, that the entire membership would have the opportunity to vote on changes, as required by the bylaws.  Article VIII of the bylaws provides two options for updating.  Subsection (a) states the bylaws may be amended at the December meeting, while subsection (b) indicates the bylaws shall be voted on by the membership.  That is why each member was afforded the opportunity to vote.

The newly elected Board took office effective January 1, 2016.  Our first order of business was to sign the updated bylaws.  Each board member was given a copy for his use throughout the coming year.  We also approved the use of the purchase and between meeting motion procedures that have been in place for the past few years.  A motion was also passed that made it clear that the previous process for disciplinary actions was optional (see below).  The board can use it or not at its discretion.  Copies of all three procedures along with the bylaws will be posted on the club’s webpage.

There have been rumors spread over the last year that the disciplinary process was part of the bylaws and, therefore, must be used.  This is simply untrue.  It was a process put into place a few years back.  Each board since then has had the option to use it or not.  The bylaws mention discipline in Article IV Section 7 (a) stating that the Board of Directors will determine punishment after a fair hearing.  

The club experienced significant growth in both membership and range use.  Tracking numbers show that both have grown approximately 60-70%.  In addition, users have commented on how much more fun and relaxing it is to use the range. 

For information on specific activities, refer to the Club Happenings section.

Club Happenings

The Cultural Survey, required by the Arizona Game and Fish Department, has been completed.  The club paid for the survey at the request of the Game and Fish with the promise we would be repaid.  The $3,880 check was received and has been deposited.  This was a necessary step in the environmental documentation process being conducted by the Game and Fish on the 7 Mile Hill Shooting Range.

Mike Raum, Statewide Shooting Range Coordinator, has mentioned that the environmental documentation is nearly done.  Once completed, we will be getting projects completed at the range.  First on the list will be to expand the range office.  The breezeway on the north side will be enclosed on three sides.  This new side will be where the range officers will be located.  The existing area will become a gathering place for shooters to sit and enjoy other’s company.

We have also been talking with Mike about other improvements.  Top on the club’s priority list is placement of shade structures at the archery, cowboy and clay target center.  We are also looking at improvements on the 1,000 yard range, including adding of new target stands and wall in the target bay and placement of a concrete pad on the 1,000 yard berm.

The club will once again be using inmates for projects and maintenance at the range.  Items such as painting, construction, and cleanup are our priorities.  More on these projects will be described on the club’s webpage as the schedule is firmed up.

There were a couple of Board-passed motions at the January 2016 meeting of note.  First was a motion for $300 to purchase a year’s supply of large paper targets for the 1000 yard range.  The second regarded non-member fees being charged for shooters at the Clay Target Center.  This issue has gone round and round several times.  The Board passed a motion to have one fee of $4.00 per round and to drop the extra $1.00 charge for non-members.  The $10.00 non-member range use fee was reinstated for shotgunners.  This was done to be consistent with all other users of the range.  All casual users or match competitors are now required to pay the $10.00 fee, whether they shoot one round or a thousand.  Non-member fees will not be charged on Amateur Trapshooting Association events.

The club has had its share of tragedy this past fall and winter.  First, we lost Carmine Randazzo last September and in January of this year, Hal Lonsinger passed away.  These fellows were valued members of the club and their loss has been keenly felt.  Our sympathies go to their remaining family members.   



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