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Saturday June 2, 2018

Personal Defense & Carry is conducted under Mohave Sportsman Club rules and is a defensive center fire pistol or revolver event.

The Match will be held the First Saturday of each Month.  Setup starts 8 am Summer Hours and 9 am Winter Hours.

This event may also have a separate defensive long gun stage for those who choose to participate in that.  Stages vary in number, times & way there are engaged, with a mixture of paper and steel targets, that reward accuracy and speed.  Scoring is based on a combination of time, knocking down steel, use of cover and scores on paper.  All paper targets are normally shot twice but may vary and all steel targets must be knocked down. Minimum round count varies depending on the number of stages and how they are configured but with a maximum of 18 rounds per stage. You will be shooting from various positions and on the move.  We recommend bringing a minimum of 125 rounds. Minimum equipment is ear and eye protection, daily carry style center fire 9MM, 380 Auto Pistol or 38 Special revolvers (ladies & juniors may use 22LR), holster & belt, three magazines or four speed loaders, magazine pouch(s) & concealment vest is optional.   Magazines can ONLY be loaded to a maximum of TEN ROUNDS so you have to make at least one mag change in each stage.

Inside/outside the waist band holsters maybe used.  Holsters will be at the 3 or 9 o’clock position depending if left or right handed. Holsters will cover the trigger guard and be of deigns that you can re-holster with ONE HAND. Kydex (plastic) or kydex leather designs are best. If it is not a safe design you cannot use it.  Cross draw, small of the back, pocket and shoulder holsters are not permitted.  If you are using your carry gun for the match you MUST arrive with your gun unloaded holstered or in a case.  There is no place to unload your firearm this includes your vehicle or parking lot.  CCW holders cannot carry during the match or in set up with a loaded firearm.

There are divisions for age, ladies, juniors and firearms used.  All new shooters will have a briefing before shooting begins.  Juniors must be 12 to17 years old and accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.  All juniors need to have had prior shooting experience and be able to follow a series of range commands while maintaining safe gun handling.

Fee:  Members: $5.00, Non-Members: $15.00      Juniors: Free with paid parent.

Match Scores: Scores and upcoming event information is available via e-mail if you sign up for it with the Match Director.

Match Score be via PractiSore:   https://practiscore.com/results/idpa

For more information: Contact Match Director:  Dean Houseberg.  760 954-3209  deanginger2@aol.com

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