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Range Improvements and Volunteers
February 1, 2016

*The club has been repaid the $3,880 from the Arizona Game and Fish Department for the cultural survey conducted on the range.

December 20, 2015

*Dan Leininger is back as a Range Officer until sometime in mid to late March, 2016.  In addition to Range Officer duties, he will be helping the Club install a new camera system and with computer applications.
December 17, 2015

*Jim Merrit and Shane Vernon have built two new shooting benches for the 500 meter Silhouette Range.  They have been put in place on the berm.

* The Club purchased three new AR500 round steel targets for the rifle bays.  Tim Vernon has put these in place.

*The Club has purchased five new targets for the Archery Range and Taco Esquibel has put them in place.

*Terry Kirkum and Rooster have been able to get donations from Home Depot and True Value for construction of covers for the unloading tables on the Cowboy Range.  Rooster has drawn up plans for the structures and had them reviewed by the County Building Inspector.  These structures were included in the project package given to the Game and Fish.  They will be put in place as soon as we receive permission from Game and Fish to proceed.

*The Club has received the final cultural survey by Archaeological Consulting Services.  No cultural resources were found on any of our project sites.  It was forwarded to the Arizona Game and Fish for acceptance.  It was accepted and has been included in the Environmental Documentation of our projects.

November 11, 2015

*Thanks to Gregg Holden for repairing the tractor.  His shop found the leaks in the fuel system, changed the airfilter, put in a new battery and changed the oil and filter.  In addition, his shop saved the Club money in  transporting the tractor to and from the Range.
*Tim Vernon spent two days last week improving the conditions on Bay 9 for the Bullseye shoot.  He moved the railroad ties and target stands into alignment with the stations on the shooting bench.  Thanks Tim.

*Linda Schilling from Archaeological Consulting Services was at the Range on October 28, 2015 completing the field archaeological survey as required by Game and Fish.  President Ron Hooper took her to all of the proposed project areas as outlined in the April, 2015 development document.   These included the Range Office, the unfinished bay west of bay 1, 500 meter, 1000 yard, shotgun, archery, and cowboy ranges.  Also the low water crossing on the road to the shotgun, archery and cowboy ranges were culverts will be placed.  She will send the draft report of her findings to Board and the Game and Fish within 1-2 weeks.

*The Club hosted an Open House on October 31, 2015.  There were members of the Cheap Shots, Bullseye, USPSA, Cowboys and Archery providing giving demonstrations.  The Mohave Arms Collectors also had a large display in the Club House. There were 105 persons in attendance with 19 new and renewal memberships  sold.  Thanks to everyone involved.

November 6, 2015
*Thanks to Al Daum, Steve Dunkel and Dave Vance for taking delivery and unloading of the latest shipment of clay targets.

*The draft archealogical report was received on November 4, 2015 from Archealogical Consulting Services for Club review.

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